Did you know that following death the REOWS will cover subscriptions for dependents whose late spouses/partners were Lady Grover’s Fund members?

Do consider joining the LGF – subscription is only £50.75 for under 50s; and you must join before beneficiaries (your dependents) reach the age of 65. You can join during or post-Service.

This is worth up to £8,000 per annum and covers unexpected nursing costs as a consequence of illness and injury. See https://www.ladygrover.org.uk/

This week this resulted in an REOWS beneficiary (already in receipt of annuity payments) living in South Africa being put in touch with the LGF in order to cover care costs.

Scale of Benefits:

(a) Nursing Home or Hospital Accommodation.  The expense of temporary residence (including food and nursing care) in a hospital or nursing home.  Up to £1694 per week (£242 per day).

(b) Home Nursing.  The expense of the temporary employment of a qualified nurse or carer.  Up to £346.50 per week (£49.50 per day).

(c) Convalescence.  The expense of convalescence (including travelling expenses) under medical advice in an accepted establishment.  Up to £346.50 per week (£49.50 per day).

(d) Home Help.  The expense of the temporary employment of domestic help.  Up to £196.00 per week (£28 per day).

Maximum Duration and Amount of Claims.   A member is entitled to receive nursing benefits (a), (b) and (c) above in respect of up to eight weeks of illness (whether consecutive or otherwise) in any period of twelve months.  However, in the case of Home Help, the maximum duration in a period of twelve months can be up to fifteen weeks, provided that the.  

claim does not exceed a maximum of £2,352.00.  The maximum settlement payable to a member cannot exceed £8,000 in any period of twelve months