The Council is pleased to confirm that with effect 1 January 2022 REOWS benefit rates will increase by 10%.  This increase will apply to both tax-free Lump Sums payable upon death and annuity payments to registered dependents (lifetime for spouse/partner and to the age of 21 for any dependent children).

This means Lump Sums will increase from the current £4,000 per unit to £4,400 per unit and annuity payments from £450 per unit per annum to £495 per unit per annum. (The half lump sum payable to the estates of Members with no registered dependents will increase from £2,000 to £2,200 per unit).

All Beneficiaries already in receipt of annuities will benefit from both this and all future increases.

Subscription rates for new Members will not, at this stage, be increased.  Those thinking about joining or increasing their unit holdings should therefore consider doing so over the next few months (and certainly before reaching their 34 and 43 year thresholds when new units become more expensive).

Do please apply via the website or email the Secretary at